Profile Builder ? bbPress Add-On

Profile Builder bbPress Add-On

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Profile Builder bbPress Add-On

This add-on allows you to integrate Profile Builder with the popular forums plugin, bbPress. You ll be able to transfer bbPress user profile to Profile Builder user profile automatically.


  • Transfer bbPress user profile to Profile Builder user profile automatically
  • All forum user links are automatically redirected to the extended user profiles created with Profile Builder
  • User avatars added via Profile Builder register form will be visible in the bbPress forum as well
  • Allow bbPress users to register & login via Profile Builder forms, by simply replacing the bbPress shortcodes with ones available in Profile Builder
  • Replace the Edit user page from bbPress with the extended Edit Profile form created with Profile Builder containing the desired custom user fields
  • List bbPress users via the Profile Builder User Listing module
  • Works out of the box, no bbPress template editing needed


For this add-on to work as expected you ll also need to have installed:

  • bbPress plugin
  • Profile Builder Pro or Hobbyist (with the Hobbyist version, the user profile functionality is not working) version 2.5.2 or higher


Find out more by reading the documentation for the Profile Builder bbPress Add-on.

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