Toolset Maps

Toolset Maps

in , on 04/05/2021

Toolset Maps

Displaying a List of Posts on A Map in WordPress

Toolset allows you to easily display a list of posts on a map by using the View and Map blocks together.

You need to place both View and Map blocks on the same page. It is only important that the View has access to the address custom field.

A View will query the database for the posts you select. As it goes through posts, it will output an address for each of them and place a marker on the map.

You can use a View as a source for the map markers even if that View has no visual output. However, if you do display the results, you will see some additional features. For example, if your View uses pagination, as you go through pages, the markers on your map will update.

To add a map that uses a View as the source for the markers you have to:

  1. Add a View block to your page. This View must list posts that feature an Address custom field.
  2. Insert a Map block.
  3. As the source of the markers choose the View block.
  4. In the View block dropdown choose the name of the block you have inserted and in the Field dropdown select the custom field that contains the address.

That s it. Now, you can further customize the map by adding marker pop-up and hover content, or display a map side-by-side with a custom search.

You can easily customize the text that appears when someone hovers or clicks on the map markers.

  1. Click to select your Toolset Map block.
  2. In the right sidebar, scroll to the options for your marker.
  3. Click the Edit link next to the Pop-up content section to select what to display when any marker is clicked.
  4. Click the Edit link next to the Hint content section to select what to display when any marker is hovered.
  5. In both cases, a pop-up dialog with a very simple HTML editor opens. You can enter text or click the Add Field button to insert dynamic content like standard post fields or custom fields. As you add dynamic content, the editor shows you a preview of that content, based on one of the marker data.

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